AfterPay, Arvato

23% of all conversations for AfterPay are routed through the chatbot ‘Sofie’ with a response accuracy of over 90%.

The Challenge

AfterPay was struggling with the common problems of traditional customer service while trying to keep up with a rising number of client queries.

High cost of customer service

Repetitive questions

Customer Service not available outside working hours

Slow response time to customers was reducing NPS

The Solution

Sofie, our AI powered solution, is integrated into core systems and speaks fluent Dutch to understand and respond to customers.




Customer Service and FAQs

Key Features

Authentication of user

Fetch open invoices

Secure payments of invoices

Hybrid Chat


We are quick, cost effective and offer an out of the box domain
knowledge and integration.




overall queries across channels handled by Sofie


of topics handled by the bot

What AfterPay has to say about us

Enterprise Bot does what it promises. They have been able to get our chatbot 'Sofie' up and running in a very short time. Within 3 months it showed a consistent high accuracy level of over 90%, and it handles over 20% of all incoming traffic. Definitely a success!


Freija Brouwer

Scrum Master, AfterPay


SIX Payment Services

Bounce rate declined by 6.2%, Average Session Duration increased by 19.2% and clicks on the Contact Page have fallen by 90% since the chatbot was introduced.

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